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Shit Swingers Say…. so many fucking hilariously awesome things in this video… classic.

Not one of our most popular posts, but felt like re-blogging ourselves just because we still watch this and think it’s hilarious, and we certainly experienced some of this during the last year so it felt right to re-blog and post again.  So many great lines… Shit Swingers Say you know:

"I didn’t recognize you guys with your clothes on…"

"Do you know any baby sitters that will stay past 5AM?"

"I broke another Hitachi wand…"

"I don’t remember the last time I had pubic hair…"

"Do you remember what brand of condoms Jim & Karen like?"

"That was awesome!  What are your names again?"

"Sorry about the wet spot."

Re-blogging this yet again since swinging and swinging advice seems to be the topic of the night.  Also… it’s fucking hilarious… and there’s so much truth in this video.  We fucking love it.

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